ASP.NET Framework Class Library – Complete Introduction


.NET Framework Class Library

}  The .NET framework contains thousands of classes.

}  The .NET framework contains almost 13000 classes you can use when building applications.

}  Each class in the framework can include properties , methods and events.

}  The .NET FCL organized in hierarchical tree structure and it is divided into namespaces.

}  The Namespace is a logical grouping of types for the purpose of identification.

}  FCL provides the consistent base types that are used across all .NET enabled languages.

}  The classes are accessed by namespaces , which reside within assemblies.

}  The system namespaces is the root for type in .NET framework.

}  The .NET FCL are managed classes that provides access to system services.

}  The .NET FCL are object oriented and easy to use in program development.

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