Network Complexities – Good Network quality – Computer Network

Network Complexities:-

  • Different types of hardware and software package
  • Different operational systems
  • Types of different knowledge to be transferred – text, images, music, video, etc
  • Data should be transferred while not errors
  • Many different ways might need to be taken 
  • Data formats and information exchange conventions vary between makers E.g., ASCII, EBCDIC, etc.
Yet computers should communicate with one another in an exceeding network
This can be resolved as long as computers follow a particular common set of rules or protocols

How to Reduce:-

To reduce Network Complexities there are some ways:

  • Recall ideas of functions, information concealment, passing values to a perform, obtaining results from a perform
  • How they perform works isn’t necessary – what inputs it needs and what outputs it produces square measure necessary
  • “Black box” approach – services provided area unit noted, however, the foremost points area unit hidden

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