Computer Network – Definition, Applications, and Architecture

Computer Network:-

Definition:-  Computer Network is basically a group of computing devices that are connected in numerous ways in which so as to speak and share resources.
Usually, the connections between computers in an exceeding network are created exploitation physical wires or cables (Called Wired Connections).
However, some connections are wireless, exploitation of radio waves or infrared signals (Called Wireless Connections).


  • Telephone
  • Satellite 
  • TV programs
  • Internet
  • FTP
  • mail
  • Chat
Computer Network

Uses of Computer Networks:-

  •  Business Applications (online buying)
  •  Home Applications (mail, chat)
  •  Mobile Users (wireless laptops, PDA, mobile, in the plane)
  •  Social problems

Network Architecture:-

The design of a network may be a logical style that determines, however, the devices within the network communicate. 
The usually used architectures for laptop networks are:
  • Client-server architecture
  • Peer-to-peer architecture
  • Hybrid architecture

  • Client-Server design:- The devices communicate to alternative devices through a central laptop said as a server. The server may be a terminal with high process power, that provides services for the opposite computers on the network. The consumer may be a terminal that accesses the resources on the market on a server.
Client-Server Architecture
  • Peer-to-peer Architecture:- No specific distinction exists between a client and a server. Any node can provide a service as well as send a  request for a service from another node on the network. The peer-to-peer network architecture allows the sharing of resources, data, and users. Each node on the network has full control over the network resources.
Peer to Peer Architecture
  • Hybrid Architecture:- A composition of 2 different types of parts. A hybrid specification is formed to urge the advantages of each, the peer-to-peer, and therefore the client-server architectures, in an exceedingly network.
Hybrid Architecture

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