Difference Between Online Transaction Processing and Online Analytical Processing

Difference between OLAP and OLTP


Main Differences


The most important purpose is to plan, problem-solving, decision support.
The most important purpose is to run business tasks.
Queries of OLAP are often complex, therefore it is not much easier
OLTP queries are Relatively standardized and simple, therefore, it is easier.
Importantly the main focus is on Reporting and retrieval of information.
Importantly the main focus is on updating data.
Inserts and updates
It refreshes the data because of Periodic long running batch jobs 
It does not need to refresh again and again because of Short and fast inserts
It is mostly used for Querying processing
It is mostly used for transaction processing
Database design
It is based on Star and snowflake schema
It is ER-based and application-oriented
This is used by Managers, executives and  data scientists
OLTP is used by Clerk, DBA and database professionals
Data task
Main tasks are Reporting and data analysis
The operational task and business task
Processing speed
Complex queries may take many hours because it depends on the amount of data, batch data and 
This is very fast because it does not depend on the data amount.
Data source
It mostly used Historical data
It uses mostly Operational data
Database Size
Database size is 100 Gb to Tb
100 Mb to Gb size of data
Only read

More Differences


Space requirements
It requires more space for historical data.
It requires less space to stored operational data.
Volume of transactions
Low volume of transactions
The high volume of transactions
It maintains information about the complete organization
It maintains data particular to a location or branch.
It stores historical and old data.
It stores current and latest data.
Time period
It basically deals with year to year transactions or long.
It deals with day to day and short transactions.
OLAP is market-oriented
OLTP is  customer oriented
Storage form
It stores the data in dimensional
It stores the data in relational form

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