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Manage Mobile Notification

In these days people are getting problems to handle the mobile notification. The problem is to handle the notifications because people use too many apps on their phone and these phones push too many notifications.

Manage Mobile Notifications
Manage Mobile Notifications

In this article, you will learn about the following notifications problems and to manage them.

  • Priority Notifications
  • Floating Notifications
  • Lock Screen Notifications

With these Notifications settings. You will learn about some more settings to do with notifications settings. these are

  • Sound on Notification
  • Vibration on Notifications
  • Notifications Light

How to set Up Mobile Notification:-



  • Click on mobile “Settings”.
  • Find “Notifications settings” in your Mobile Phone.
  • Now find “App Notifications” in your phone
Now you will see some apps installed on your phone. click on any app you want to manage notifications about.
You will see these settings
Manage Mobile Notification setting
Manage Mobile Notifications setting
In these, just enable the Notifications you want to keep, otherwise disable it.


Video Tutorial (In Hindi)

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