Networking Devices – NIC, Router, Modem, Switch, Bridge, Gateway

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Networking Hardware Devices:-



Network Interface Cards (NICs) are the foremost common kind of networking devices on a network.
Every digital computer and server can contain a minimum of one NIC.
NICs contain electronic parts that establish and management network communications.
The NIC is that the principal hardware device that differentiates between a networked pc and a complete pc.
NIC Network Interface Card


Switches look nearly a clone of hubs, however, a switch typically contains a lot of ‘intelligence’ than a hub.
Unlike hubs, network switches are capable of inspecting the info packets as they’re received, determinative the supply and destination device of that packet, and forwarding that packet fittingly.
By delivering messages solely to the connected device that it absolutely was meant for, network switches conserve network information measure and supply typically higher performance than hubs.
Most switches are active: that’s, they electrically amplify the signal because it moves from one device to a different.
Resides on Layer two of the OSI model.


Bridges are devices that permit you to phase an oversized network into 2 little, a lot of economic networks.
If you’re adding Associate in Nursing older wiring theme and wish the new network to be up-to-date, a bridge will connect the 2.
A bridge monitors the data traffic on each side of the network so it will pass packets of data to the right location.
Most bridges will ‘listen’ to the network and mechanically discern the address of every pc on each side of the bridge.
The bridge will examine every message and, if necessary, broadcast it on the opposite aspect of the network.
Bridges manage the traffic to keep up optimum performance on each side of the network.
Bridges are accustomed connect different kinds of cabling as long as each network ar victimization an equivalent protocol.

Resides on Layer two of the OSI model



Routers translate data from one network to another; it’s kind of like a bridge with further intelligence.
Routers choose the most effective path to route a message, supported the destination address and origin.
The router will direct traffic to stop head-on collisions and is sensible enough to grasp once to direct traffic on back roads and shortcuts.
Resides on Layer three of the OSI model.
While bridges apprehend the addresses of all computers on both sides of the network, routers apprehend the addresses of computers, bridges, and alternative routers on the network.
Routers will even ‘listen’ to the complete network to see that sections are busiest – they’ll then direct information around those sections till they clear up.


Gateways are ready to connect networks that use utterly totally different protocols or information formats, as a LAN to a mainframe.
Generally, an entranceway may be a combination of hardware and software systems with the integral process power necessary to perform protocol conversions.
An entranceway is slower than a bridge or router.


Modems (MODulator DEModulator) convert information between the analog kind used on phone lines and therefore the digital kind used on computers.
ADSL modems (also known as ADSL routers) are used on several networks to supply the desired property to the net.
These modems generally have an inexpensive level of intelligence and are capable of acting a variety of advanced networking options as well as DHCP and Firewall services.
ADSL modems are a well-liked selection for connecting small- to medium-size organizational networks to the net victimization a longtime ISP.
Modem Networking Devices


Repeater accustomed boosts the signal between 2 cable segments or wireless access points.
Can not connect totally different specifications.
It does not merely amplify the signal, it regenerates the packets and retires them.
Resides on Layer one of the OSI model.
Repeater Networking Devices


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